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LPM 2017 Stampa E-mail
Scritto da Besegher    giovedì, 16 marzo 2017 - Inserisci un commento
Partecipate | LPM Live Performers Meeting 2017 - Amsterdam

Here we go! #LPM2017 AVnode will be from 18 to 21 May, 2017 at RADION Amsterdam.
The website is now on-line and starting from today


We are looking for: AVPerformances | VJSets | LiveMapping | InteractiveInstallations | Projectshowcase | Workshops | Lectures

Registration form is available on-line and open until April 10, 2017!!

Piksel16 / ZERO-level / OPEN CALL Stampa E-mail
Scritto da Besegher    lunedì, 06 giugno 2016 - Inserisci un commento

Piksel16 / ZERO-level / OPEN CALL

Piksel is an international event for artists and developers working with Free/Libre and Open Source technologies in artistic practice. It is organized in Bergen, Norway, and involves participants from more than a dozen countries exchanging ideas, coding, presenting art and software projects, doing workshops, performances and discussions on the aesthetics and politics of free technologies, free culture & art.

Piksel16, ZERO-level, wants to focus on the biological and social aspects of the sea as a sustainable environment. Zero in the meaning of: zero-emissions, zerofootprints, zero-waste, zero-energy, zero-pollution, zero-plastic, zero-trash. Also Zero encourages bioefficiency, bioecology, marine inheritance, sustainable maritim transport, sea communication, civil society, water as a playground, and civil engagement.

Please use the online submit form at:
Call for Projects

deadline: June 30. 2016

LPM 2016 - XVII Amsterdam - Deadline Posticipata Stampa E-mail
Scritto da Besegher    lunedì, 18 aprile 2016 - Inserisci un commento
La deadline per iscrivere la tua proposta alla diciassettesima edizione di Live Performers Meeting è posticipata al 24 Aprile!

LPM inizia il 12 Maggio 2016 ad Amsterdam presso il Tolhuistuin.

Non perdere questa opportunità: 266 artisti provenienti da 40 nazioni si sono già iscritti per venire a presentare 131 performance, workshop e showcase!

Il form di iscrizione è disponibile solo on-line

FIMG / Festival Internacional Mapping Girona Stampa E-mail
Scritto da Besegher    mercoledì, 23 marzo 2016 - Inserisci un commento

Applications for the International Mapping Competition of Girona are welcome until mid April, as part of the Internatiol Mapping Festival (FIMG), a free festival open to everyone which brings together the cultural value of Girona and contemporary creation through innovation and audiovisual arts. This year, the festival will take place from 22 to 24th July.

More info:
Genius Loci Weimar Festival 2016 Stampa E-mail
Scritto da Besegher    venerdì, 05 febbraio 2016 - Inserisci un commento

We are gladly announcing the opening of the
Genius Loci Weimar Video Mapping and Facade Projection Competition

All interested artists are invited to submit their concept ideas for the Genius Loci Weimar Festival between the opening date of 27 January 2016 up to the deadline of 23 March 2016. Submitted concepts will be displayed in a public exhibition in Weimar in spring 2016. The best projects will chosen, among other means, with the help of an audience vote. 

The three winning projects will then be completed with the help of prize money totalling €45,000 before being shown in the context of an evening tour of Weimar, itself part of a wider festival to take place from 12 t14 August 2016.
continua a leggere >>>
LPM 2016 - XVII Amsterdam Stampa E-mail
Scritto da Besegher    venerdì, 05 febbraio 2016 - Inserisci un commento

May 12 - 14, 2016Tolhuistuin, Amsterdam | Netherlands

The seventeenth edition of LPM Live Performers Meeting is from 12nd to 14th May in the spaces of Tolhuistuin in Amsterdam.LPM 2016 Amsterdam offers the unique opportunity to experience 3 days of audiovisual performances, VJing, workshops, panel discussion, product showcases presented by more than 300 VJs, audiovisual artists, new media professionals and thinkers from 40 countries all around the world.

Do you want to participate to the Meeting?

Registration is open until April 17, 2016.

Call Vision'R VJ Festival 2016 - France Stampa E-mail
Scritto da Besegher    mercoledì, 20 gennaio 2016 - Inserisci un commento

Call Vision'R VJ Festival 2016 - France

Send us your proposals for the 2016 Festival !

Vision'R will take place in May / June.
The receiving period for proposals is open until February 15, 2016 (midnight, Paris time).

VJ is always to be understood as the live image sphere, including VJ sets, audiovisual or multimedia performances, body performances with live images, human intention / Interaction ...
Vision'R, VJ networks Festival, is a reflection of the current VJ scenes, about moving borders of VJing and exploring well known VJing territories.

Vision'R VJ Festival 2016 waits for (30 minutes minimum) :
- experimental performances with live image (indoors with or without screens)
- External projections with or without mapping
- Workshops, meetings, conferences, and project presentations
- VJ sets (specify if you would come with or without musicians!)
- A public fond of young scene shows off AV formats ...

continua a leggere >>>
Scritto da Besegher    martedì, 18 agosto 2015 - Inserisci un commento


Eleva / Advanced Music Meetings 3.0

Visual Challenge è il Campionato di Proietteria e Luce Controllata, un confronto/incontro tra vj, artisti e creativi, che giocano con la luce e dove la competizione è solo nell’originalità del linguaggio o nella tecnologia utilizzata.
Visual Challenge è un campionato che che non vuole scoprire chi sia il più bravo, o il più tecnico ma, nel pieno dello spirito dei “proiettari”, vuole vedere la creatività e la cooperazione battere invidia e competizione.In collaborazione con lo staff di HeavyM che sponsorizza l’evento.

Le regole sono semplici: si hanno 10 min. a disposizione per incontri “One to One” ad eliminazione diretta per arrivare alla finale. Non esistono “temi” o “argomenti”.L’unico vincolo è lo spazio, una struttura videoproiettabile, appositamente ideata per l’evento i cui tracciati vettoriali saranno forniti al momento dell’iscrizione (GRATUITA con scadenza il 23 Agosto 2015).La musica dei Dj’s, selezionati dall’Eleva Festival, faranno da fulcro per l’intera durata del campionato.

Il primo classificato riceverà 150 euro da Eleva Festival, mentre il secondo premio consisterà in una licenza di HeavyM Live, disponibile a Dicembre 2015.

Maggiori informazioni e modulo per l’iscrizione

Scritto da Besegher    lunedì, 20 luglio 2015 - Inserisci un commento


deadline sunday 30 august 2015 at 22:00 h

Are you a fan of videos, gifs, moving images, video mapping or other audiovisual formats? Do you want to share your work or your collections with others? Bring Your Own Beamer Jena offers you the possibility to present your own audiovisual content during the new CITY VISIONS Festival dedicated to light, arts and science taking place in Jena from 7th to 11th of October 2015.

BRING YOUR OWN BEAMER is an experimental exhibition format initiated by the artist Rafael Rozendaal. The pop-up-exhibition has an innovative approach on dealing with moving images and is curated by the participants cooperatively. The simultaneous projection of different pictures in motion in different sizes will animate the historic walls of the Johannistor and transform it into a living canvas, opening up the public space with its DIY art enthusiasm and provoking a lively visual dialogue between China and Jena.

CITY VISIONS JENA is a new light- and science festival in Jena. From October 7-11, 2015 it invites everyone to Jena, to explore the curatorial topic of ‘Invisible and Visible Cities’ in a vibrant light parcours. There will be a series of events throughout the Festival from October 7th - 11th 2015 including interactive light
installations and virtual new media art scenarios, artistic DIY-tech workshops, a symposium, short films at the planetarium and a huge Translocal Market with a light-innovation-campus and a chines night market. Here, Jena will be connected to its partner city Guangzhou / Panyu via new media art scenarios opening up virtual windows for new visions. During the Translocal Market, Chinese and international students are invited to participate in the project of Bring your own Beamer.




Five Audiovisual Residencies Announced via ENCAC Network Stampa E-mail
Scritto da Besegher    lunedì, 22 giugno 2015 - Inserisci un commento

Five Audiovisual Residencies Announced via ENCAC Network

CTM is pleased to announce its participation in ENCAC – the European Network for Contemporary Audiovisual Creation. The three-year transnational research project is aimed at enabling collaborative audiovisual research, technological development, and the creation of new artwork in the hybrid zones between sound, visual arts, performance arts, and digital culture.

The network’s first open call offers 5 residencies hosted by 5 of the network’s partners over the period between January and April 2016: LABoral (LEV Festival, Gijon), Avatar (Quebec, Canada), DISK Berlin (CTM Festival, Berlin), humainTROPhumain (Montpellier) and le lieu unique (Nantes).

Each residency offers a chance for artists to research, conceive, produce and present new artistic works, tools methods, formats, and perspectives for audiovisual creation. Presentation format depends on the nature of the residency, and may range from a final performance, an informal work-in-progress presentation, installation, a talk, workshop-style format, or other.

Submission deadline is 12 August at 23:00 GMT+1.

The Encac Network comprises LABoral & LEV Festival (Gijon, ES), Ars Electronica (Linz, AT), Humain Trop Humain (Montpellier, FR), Le Lieu Unique (Nantes, FR), Resonate (Belgrade, RS), and CTM Festival (Berlin, DE), as well as associated partners Avatar (Qu#ebec, CA), Elektra (Montreal, CA), Mapping Festival (Geneva, CH), MUTEK Mexico (Mexico City, MX)

→ More information and to apply
→ About ENCAC

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